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Association of Agribusiness Students

Association of Agribusiness Students


Professional Association of Agribusiness Students/HIPMA (used to be agriculture Socio-Economy Science Association) was established on December 16th, 2007. This Association interested in agribusiness sciences that covers studies and activities in entrepreneurship, agribusiness management and agribusiness policy.


To make HIPMA as a forum to develop potentials agribusiness sectors byupholdingperformance, innovative, and contributivevalues


  1. Implementing the value of togetherness and character building of HIPMA committee.
  2. Designing creative and sustainable working programs according with the needs of students to achieve togetherness
  3. Building a collaboration on agribusiness sector with stakeholders.
  4. Providing the best performance in order to increase academic or non-academic students achievements
  5. Increasing students role through public services activities



  1. HIPMA:goes to best management
  2. OBSESI : Obrolan Santai Ekonomi Agribisnis(Light Discussion on Agribusiness Economics)
  3. Agrination : Agribusiness National Competition
  4. AGBDAY : AGB CUP dan Malam Inagurasi(Inauguration Night)
  5. AgribusinessFestival
  6. AMS (Agribusiness Multimedia School)
  7. Incredible In Here :Media Informasi dan Publikasi(Information Media and Publication)
  8. Kegiatan Bersama FASTER
  9. TRADER (Temu Wirausaha Agribisnis) Pelatihan Kewirausahaan(Training of Entrepreneurship)


HIPMA Departement of Agribisnis, FEM – IPB Jl. Kamper Wing 4 Level 4, Kampus IPB Darmaga Bogor

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Twitter : @HipmaIPB


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