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International Seminar on Agribusiness: Agribusiness and Economic Recovery

Agribusiness concept found by Davis and Goldberg (1957) has been widely recognized among academician. The agribusiness theme has developed following the dynamics in business environment and society. In recent years, agribusiness is not only recognized as the holistic agricultural system from upstream to downstream with the economic objectives, but also in achieving sustainable benefit. The sustainable agribusiness system aims to achieve equitable benefit for all the stakeholders. Agribusiness system, especially in developing economies, must be adaptive to recent technological advancement. For example, agricultural technology in upstream sub-sytem which can lead for farmers in producing high quality local seed, innovation which able for small farmers to produce high quality product with affordable cost, inclusive business model which involves small scale actors and good coordinated supply chain. In addition, agribusiness system in developing economies also can synergy with agribusiness system in the developed economies which has elaborate the principles of sustainability into their recent innovation and good coordination among the sub-system.

Currently the world faced the pandemic covid-19 which hit all sectors of the economy. Agricultural/agribusiness sector is considered to be the sector which can withstand the negative effect of the pandemic. In Indonesia, agriculture sector still enjoys a positive growth meanwhile other sectors suffer a negative one.

With the more complex and dynamic development, a place to share ideas and recent development in agribusiness especially related to the recent pandemic is needed. Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB University is planning to host an international seminar regarding Agribusiness and Economic Recovery.

– Discussing the current issue in agribusiness in Indonesia and other countries
– Discussing recent research contributing in agribusiness concept and knowledge
– Discussing the role of agribusiness in the economic recovery after facing pandemic covid 19

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