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Feryanto, WK. Dr. SP., M.Si

Education :

  • Doctoral Degree at UGM
  • Master Degree at IPB
  • Bachelor Degree at IPB

Field of Experties : Agricultural Economics Courses :

  • Agribusiness Financing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cooperatives and Agribusiness Institution
  • Strategy and Business Policy
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Business Forecasting

Research :

  • The role of Indonesian agricultural cooperatives in global coffee value chain
  • Farm management of small-scale rubber farms in Jambi
  • Farm management of small-scale soyabean farms in Jambi
  • Competitiveness of small-scale dairy farms in Pujon, Malang East Java
  • Dairy farm management and marketing in East Java
  • Credit Rationing for vegetable production in Pangalengan, West Java
  • PUAP efficiency for promoting farmer welfare
  • Designing model of society-based granary
  • Model of multi-activity village agribusiness-agroindustry
  • Revitalizing the roles of national dairy cooperatives
  • Feasibility study of biogas and compose from for small enterprises and households in West Java
  • Investment feasibility on bioenergy business to anticipate the lack of fossil fuel and gas

Communtity Service :

  • Bina Desa Oleh Himpunan Mahasiswa Peminta Agribisnis, di Desa Cikarawang,