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Burhanuddin, Dr. Ir. MM

Education :

  • Doctoral Degree at IPB
  • Master Degree at IPB
  • Bachelor Degree at IPB

Field of Experties : Agricultural Economis Courses :

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Plan
  • Business Information System
  • Business Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Experience

Research :

  • Entrepreneurial Activity and Economic Growth : Learning from Indonesian Broiler Farmers
  • The Determining Factors of Entrepreneurial Activity in Broiler Farms
  • Entrepreneurial behavior of students as participants of nascent entrepreneur competition
  • Fostering economic growth through raising number of entrepreneurs: a research framework
  • Entrepreneurial behavior of IPB’s students
  • Entrepreneurial behavior of rice farmers
  • Entrepreneurial characteristics of rice farmers: a case study in Wangun farmer group, fundas huawei y5 2018 Cianjur
  • Community empowerment and poverty alleviation with Posdaya model (household empowerment)
  • Farmer organizations as entrepreneurial institutions for strengthening food security in households at Cikarawang village, coque iphone 7 fundas samsung galaxy a5 Bogor.
  • Instrument for measuring Posdaya growth as a community empowerment model
  • Entrepreneurial behaviour of IPB students
  • Factors influencing entrepreurship of organic-rice farmers
  • Entrepreneurship learning at IPB

Community Service :