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Vision, Mision and Objective

Vision, Mision and Objective


To become an excellent higher education institution in development of science and business technology in tropical agriculture through system and entrepreneurship approach in order to support sustainable national economic development and increase in welfare


  1. Providing high quality and highly competitiveof higher education programme in tropical agribusiness and relevant to the present needs and the future requirement of society.
  2. Implementing science, technology and arts in tropical agribusiness in order to support development the competitiveness and sustainability of tropical agribusiness.
  3. Improving human resource quality by developing business competency, entrepreneurship, and disseminating concept and technology of agribusiness


  1. To produce high quality and highly competitive graduates in the tropical agribusiness sector, entrepreneurial spirit and mastering sciences, knowledge and arts in sustainable tropical agribusiness.
  2. To develop sciences, technology and art in agribusiness and entrepreneurship to support national economic development and increase society’s welfare.
  3. To achieve Agribusiness Study Program to become higher educational institution which is able to face the society’s needs, national development and global change.