Department of Agribusiness prior Division of Economics and Management Agribusiness of Department Socio Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, was established on 2005 along with the process of department re-arrangement in IPB (SK Rektor IPB No. 001/K13/PP/2005).  As one of department in Faculty of Economics and Management (SK Rektor IPB No. 112/K13/OT/2005 dated August 2, 2005).

The mandate of Department of Agribusiness is Development of business knowledge and sciences in agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and forestry with system and entrepreneurship approaches.

The educational program in Department of Agribusiness is a business by integrating the social sciences, economics, and management, supported by system theoretical and applied technologies and materials of biological resources (agriculture, fisheries, livestock and forestry) that characterizes the competence of its graduates.